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Privacy Policy

Laptop screen is determined to secure your shared data with us. We duly respect all sorts of your privacy. To discover more about Laptop Screen Privacy Policy, keep reading the upcoming section. 


Here, we have discussed why we collect data from you and how we process them. Kindly take a note that we only describe how this site collects and processes data of our customers. 


Data Collection and Usage

Whenever you purchase something from us, we need to verify that it’s you. Otherwise, we can’t process your request and deliver your requirements. That’s why we insist our customers to sign up at our site, with an account, with a unique username and other credentials. Thus, we can identify your presence and you can monitor your purchase from the next time. 


On the other hand, we have to keep a record of our customers and their order details. Moreover, to get your shipment delivered at your location, we have to access your name, address, postal code, email addresses, and other contact details. We also keep track of the information, how many times you visit our site, your queries with our support team and feedback or reviews regarding our products. 


For your information, we use cookies so that your web browser can catch up on our website performance. And, you can add your required products in the shopping cart or wish-list of your account. Cookies are meant for the betterment of the user experience. Cookies will minimize your effort by keeping your account information and preferences consistent from time to time. And, you need not modify the settings according to your requirements every time. Well, you can manage the cookies preferences. However, you have to sign in every time and personalize your settings, if you want to go without cookies. To keep everything secure, we manage to delete session cookies, once you are done with your single visit to our website.


Apart from cookies, we have to run URL-linking technologies. For instance, in a confirmation mail, you can find a URL to browse our website directly. Or, you can keep an eye over the location of your shipment. We include pixel tags and web beacons for this purpose. However, you can sign out from the option of receiving service-related emails. When you use our website you agree to make use of cookies, pixel tags and web beacons.